Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Soggy Blog...embrace your macs and wellies!

Oh dear, why do the Brits always talk about the weather...well apart from the fact that it is literally in your face, it really can wreak havoc with our wardrobe choices! One minute sun, the next torrential rain...I think the concept of a summer and winter wardrobe will no longer suffice!

So my thoughts are that we should make the most of what we have and dress accordingly! While my flip flops have hardly seen the light of day I have decided that worthy investments in my current wardrobe should be colourful and cosy wellies and a pretty rainmac, with a cheerful umbrella thrown into the mix. The bonus with these investments is that we know that they will get a lot of use, we will feel dry and smug that at least we don't have to water the garden, face a hosepipe ban or hide indoors from the 40o sun! 


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