Saturday, 3 January 2015

Shop Smart in the Sales

We all love a bargain, but don't let the slashed prices cloud your style judgment.  It is very easy to fall into the "buy it because it's cheaper" trap for everything you see.  Discounted pieces that you will rarely or never wear can still be a fairly costly mistake.  

Ideally, you want to do some research beforehand.  Look at what your wardrobe is missing and try to go with an idea of what you need rather than a scattergun approach.   Obviously, there may be that unexpected item that catches your eye, but make sure it attracts you for the right reason.  

Beware of...

Hanger appeal
Just because it looks gorgeous on the hanger, it doesn't mean it will look as good on you. Try it on!

What condition the item is in
Is it discounted because the fabric is damaged or the zip needs replacing?  You don't want to spend money having it mended.

Fashion prints
Will you wear it in two months time, let alone next autumn/winter?

Colours that you know don't work for you When you know, you know.  Yes you would love to be able to wear fuchsia pink and it is such a gorgeous top, but every time you try on that colour you look dreadful in it. Put the item down!


Styles that aren't 'you' 
Sometimes we are attracted to clothes for reasons we can't seem to explain.   You never wear chiffon but this chiffon blouse is calling to you. And it is discounted. That's not to say you can't experiment and step out of your comfort zone now and again, but ask yourself "Is it really you?".
If you don't feel 'you' in it, you will never wear it.

All that glitters
Leftovers from party wear collections.  It is always useful to invest in some party outfits and even better at discount. Just be sure that you genuinely like the style and that it's a good look on you, don't buy it simply because it's a cheap(er) party dress.  

Of course, all sale items can be returned and if you are taken with something but can't decide (even after going through all the tips above!) then you might be better trying it on at home at your leisure away from the packed sales racks. 

Winter sales pieces to look out for

Always a good investment. Make sure the cut works with your body shape and  stick with styles that are fairly timeless like the trench, parka and Crombie.   Don't be afraid to buy a coat in a colour rather than the default black, grey or navy.  Choose a colour you know you look good in that will work with most of your wardrobe.

WorkwearSmart jackets, trousers and skirts are not the most exciting buys, all the more reason to get them at discount.   You still need to make sure they are suitable for your work place and look good on you. 

Boots Winter can be fairly long in the UK so our boots get plenty of wear.  It is useful to have some casual and smart pairs but boots aren't cheap, so take advantage of the sales.


Evening shoes
If you are one of those (us!) who struggles to find the right shoes at a reasonable price when the party season comes round, now is the time to invest in a bargain pair.

HandbagsAs many a woman has said, you can never have enough handbags! So, picking up an extra one (or two) at a good price is always worth it.  Make sure it is the right size for YOUR size and proportions. If you are a petite figure you don't want an enormous bag to swamp you. Accessories are a great way to bring colour into your outfits so you can have some fun with handbags in different shades

Still not sure what styles or colours really work for you?  

Make 2015 the year you find your unique style. 

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