Thursday, 3 March 2016

Flatter your figure and find your perfect denim match!

Jeans are a staple in every woman's wardrobe, but the style you choose can make or break an outfit.

Selecting your denim based on your body shape means you'll be able to step out confidently knowing that they are flattering and fitting in all the right places. Take a look at some top tips below to determine which denim style is your perfect match!

A modern classic that is a figure-fixer for most body shapes.

Best for
Triangles, inverted triangles and full hourglass body shapes.

Style with

The slimming and leg-lengthening effect of boot cut jeans is enhanced when they're worn with a heel - opt for a wedge or chunky heeled boot if comfort is a priority (we're talking to all you naturals out there!)

Currently the most fashionable take on denim; but are they right for you?

Best for
Petites and lean column body shapes.

Style with
Wear with ballet flats or ankle boots for an edgy look. Skinny jeans are most flattering when worn with longer tops, but make sure your top falls either above or below your widest point.


A more mannish shape that is currently very fashionable.These are currently really fashionable but you need to think about how to get the look.For a "Casual Friday" ensemble, they are perfect, as long as you choose the darker option, team them with a nice blazer, a smarter shoe and don't embellish with tears and rips! Otherwise, they are perfect for creating a "date night" look if you team them with a little top, a sandal with heels or wedge and some eyecatchiing earrings.

Best for
Rectangle and inverted triangle body shapes.

Style with
Play up the boyish vibes with a pair of funky trainers and a simple top, or offset with feminine details like heels, a fitted top or blazer.

Remember that jeans these days are really not mainly for boys. Add some sparkle, sequin, embroidery or other detail and you can pull together an outfit that is easy wear, yet stylish and comfy.


Finally; don't forget to consider the weight of your denim.
Thicker, heavy denim holds it's shape and is very durable, making it ideal for straight body shapes.

If you have a curvier body shape opt for softer, more fluid styles that will move with you rather than constrict your fabulous figure!
Levi's Bootcut

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Those boots just keep on walking!

In the UK we just love our boots! Boots are more than just staple footwear for winter; they can be practical or uber-stylish and are extremely versatile for dressing up or down. Investing in a couple of pairs will see you through from workdays to weekends to evenings out.

As they are usually a big investment, buying the right ones is essential, simply follow my tips below and you’ll be beautifully booted in no time!

Go long?or short?
The important thing to remember when buying your boots is not, just what fashion is dictating, but what suits your personal style and your leg length and shape. It’s so easy to fall in love with a great- looking pair of boots, but are they going to look great on your feet and will they flatter your overall look? The good news is that with such a fabulous choice this season in the sales you will find several styles that work for you.

Ankle boots and shoe boots
The ankle length styles with a flat heel are practical and cute. If you are shorter in the leg, however, they can be unflattering if worn with a skirt so make sure you keep your tights the same colour to avoid ‘chopping’ your legs to look shorter.

The shoe boot is perfect for a smarter look when worn with trousers and the elegant styles could even be worn with your work suit. The more funky styles will work with jeans or for evening wear so you can wear them as an alternative to heeled shoes on a night out.

The knee highIf you wear knee highs with a skirt then make sure it is an appropriate length. If you have nice knees then you can wear a skirt that finishes just above or on the knee. If you have bigger knees then the skirt should finish just below them where the leg is slimmer so that you won’t draw attention to them. If, like many of us, you can’t find a pair of knee highs that fit your calves then check out specialist boot makers such as, the, both who offer a wider fit or stretchy inserts.
The UGG boot
Who would have thought Australian sheepskin could be so stylish – even in the hot weather? I have spotted many young girls wearing them with a cute short skirt. They are ever popular with some new versions appearing and are perfect for slouchy comfort in style. The key to knowing which boots are best for you and how to wear them is understanding your body shape, scale and style personality.

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