Thursday, 21 April 2011

Enjoy looking Sunkissed...safely!

Safe Sun!
Many people like to spend time in the sun but we all know it can cause harm, even skin cancer. Not only that it causes sunburn, wrinkles and skin ageing and can even damage the body’s immune system. This skin damage builds over a lifetime so you won’t necessarily see immediate effect.
The sun gives out two rays: UVA and UVB and you need to protect from both of them, however, it is essential for your health that you enjoy the benefits of enjoying sun safely using protection and sunglasses.
Create the glow!You can recreate the gorgeous golden glow of sun kissed skin by using Protocol’s "Golden Glow" which delivers an ultra fine mist to the face and body giving and instant colour with an even natural look which lasts between 5-7 days!
With any applied tan you are always advised to prepare the skin - get maximum effect by using Protocol’s "Body Exfoliant" and if you want to continue with the tanned look you can always top up with their "Tan Extender".If you are not sure whether to commit to the tanned look you can try building up the colour gradually using their "tinted moisturiser" which subtly builds the sun-kissed look whilst moisturising and conditioning your skin at the same time!

These really are lovely products but if you are committed to the sun - stay away in the middle of the day, drink loads of water and cover your face.
Note that the government recently required the lower age limit of sunbed users to increase to 18 years! In the USA their FDA and National Cancer Institute recommend avoid using tanning beds altogether stating that women who use them more than once a month are 55% more likely to develop melanoma!

Why not try a sample travel kit?
80ml body exfoliant, 80ml tinted moisturiser, 80ml tan extender and 80ml tanning lotion + application mitt.

Take a peek at their fabulous range of natural skincare and collagen products!

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