Wednesday, 26 September 2012

You can easily achieve glamour and style!

My passion for colour and pretty things is overwhelming and in my role as an Image Consultant, I am well versed with the logic, process and amazing buzz and feel good factor that can be achieved by understanding your colouring and bodyshape, yet I remain perplexed!

What is glamour and style? I constantly ask myself this because of the bemusing comments that I receive from, both people I know very well and those who I don't know at all! Last night, at my running group, several people commented how I always looked so glamorous and yet I could easily question that! I arrived, hair in a scruffy ponytail, very old top now destined purely for running or gardening, a shrug which is reduced to holes, so again simply worn for a bit of warmth and I had a large safety pin, obviously attached to my top as a back-up plan! The trainers are, however, new!

I go out walking and running in the rain and the mud, enjoy really dressing down on my camping trips and feel really at home when battered by the sea and my hair is covered in salt, yet still I hear the words glamour and style. For sure, I do not have the figure to prance around in my neat running pants or swimwear and my tan is entirely "homegrown"! are my nails! In this given state should I not be scared to be seen by my pupils of style and image, you would have thought so!

More surprisingly, after the local carnival my friends decided to continue the party in town. The decision was taken that we either all changed back to our glad rags or stayed in fancy dress. I was not amused when the vote was made to head into town as Zombies!

Can you believe that even with my clothes in holes, my make-up purposely messy and fake blood all over me, I received compliments about how nice I looked and I was supposed to look dead!

I can only guess at why because I don't have the answer. What I think it must be is that over a period of years of knowing what colours and styles suit, even what is ancient, in tatters and I am wearing for really messy still works! I do not have the perfect face or figure or even a massive income, but something about understanding yourself really works, even when you aren't trying. There comes a stage when you don't feel right in anything that isn't really you, yet you can be as dolled up as you like or as dressed down as you choose.

Whoever you are or want to be, you can easily achieve glamour and style by learning how to simply be comfortable in your own skin and always dress for YOU!

These pictures are hardly glam!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Court Complements

Court Complements

Ladies, why do you buy lovely clothes then leave them floundering hidden in the darkest depths of your wardrobes, waiting for a rainy day, sunny day, special day, holy day....??

Make every day a special day and wear your nice clothes and feel great whenever possible. I often hear the lament that it takes effort to look nice! Well, yes to an extent if you are going to wear make-up and accessories, but, as a basic rule, it takes no longer to put on a flattering top or an unflattering one! It takes no longer to wear a tunic top than a dull, lifeless t-shirt!

So remember when you reach for that shapeless garb that has been hanging around for years, you may just have something much more flattering and just as easy to throw on, lurking somewhere in the wardrobe, enjoy!

Alice Olivia peplum top

MuuBaa drape cardigan
$580 -

Dsquared pleated pants
$585 -

Miso platform heels
$64 -

Reed Krakoff snakeskin handbag
$2,530 -

Charlotte Russe hair accessory

House Plan 456-12

Favourite Style Books