Thursday, 14 June 2012

Shrug it on!

One of my favourite wardrobe pieces has to be the "Shrug"! If you call this a cardi that's fine, I tend to think if cardigans as being a bit more formal but less than a jacket. Then again, we find some very relaxed cardigans so I leave it to you to decide when the shrug which drapes and covers your shoulders and some of your body, takes on the mantle of being a cardigan!

But, whether you choose a cardigan or shrug, remember you need at least one neutral and one colour to start building your wardrobe in a mix 'n'match way. I have gone for pink and off-white this season as it supposedly summer!

Now that I have my shrug, I can wear it with a short or longer skirt as long as there is some fullness and, of course, this can be plain or patterned...I personally enjoy patterned skirts for a really girly look, but a plain one with a petticoat under looks fab with this look!

You can now use this same cardi over various tunic tops  or dresses, whether plain or patterned. Obviously  if you choose a patterned tunic you would be more likely to wear plain trousers!

If you are brave enough to wear the fab new patterned trousers I would suggest a plain top!

The same cardi will work with a day dress or have some fun with your wardrobe by choosing from the fab maxis which can be dressed up with heels or worn in a relxed style with some flirty sandals.

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