Thursday, 6 September 2012

Court Complements

Court Complements

Ladies, why do you buy lovely clothes then leave them floundering hidden in the darkest depths of your wardrobes, waiting for a rainy day, sunny day, special day, holy day....??

Make every day a special day and wear your nice clothes and feel great whenever possible. I often hear the lament that it takes effort to look nice! Well, yes to an extent if you are going to wear make-up and accessories, but, as a basic rule, it takes no longer to put on a flattering top or an unflattering one! It takes no longer to wear a tunic top than a dull, lifeless t-shirt!

So remember when you reach for that shapeless garb that has been hanging around for years, you may just have something much more flattering and just as easy to throw on, lurking somewhere in the wardrobe, enjoy!

Alice Olivia peplum top

MuuBaa drape cardigan
$580 -

Dsquared pleated pants
$585 -

Miso platform heels
$64 -

Reed Krakoff snakeskin handbag
$2,530 -

Charlotte Russe hair accessory

House Plan 456-12

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