Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Neon, Get it On!

If Neon colours are featuring big time on the fashion rails, I hear you ask..what about my make-up? Well, colour is definitely "in" for your face, but I know that this is a scary prospect for many of you! As with so many things it is best to gradually build your confidence levels, but you've got to make a start here goes and that means you too!

Cast your eyes in the direction of that wonderful violet or bright green and leave the brown for another day! Now the trick is always to apply the strong colour first then neutralise it if you need to, otherwise you will not be able to build up any level of impact.

Personally, I prefer going with the eye pencil first as this is wax based and therefore the eyeshadow will set it. If you try to colour the pencil over shadow you tend to tug the skin a bit more; liquid liner is a different consistency and is best applied over powder.

If you opt for a bright pencil/liner then you possibly don't need the bright shadow too, but then again, it could be fab, give it a whirl! Remember you have a back-up plan. This is not to wash it off and start all over again, that is tedious and rubs your skin. Simply grab one of your blender brushes and with a melon or opal, pinky/peachy tone you can wash this over the top. Or, even a light mint or soft gold can do the trick, although matte is naturally more subtle than frosted versions.

Here is a look created by Mel Arter for MAC, this stand-out spring/summer look is all about a playful hint of colour on the inside lower lash-line.

My all time favourite combination from the "Colour Me Beautiful" cosmetics range is Amethyst pencil with Tangerine eye shadow, but other options could be Teal with Purple or Amethyst with Peppermint. I don't often mix the same shade of pencil with shadow as the colours tend to lose themselves, variety in this case really is the essence of life.

If your prefer to add zest to your lips then now really is the time to experiment with your reds oranges, bright pinks or corals. Choosing from your colour palette you will have decided whether you are going for oranges or corals to look best on your yellow toned skin or cerise and fuchsia to look amazing with your pinkier tones. As always, very pale skin tends to ere more towards suiting pinks, while very dark skins can be more ambitious.

Again, if you really think you have gone over the top, don't rub it off all over your cheeks, either add a dab of gloss or pearlescent over the top or even a touch of highlighter! You can also soften the look by first applying either a lip base or a more subtle neutral pencil, such as Natural from the Colour Me Beautiful range.

Here is The Look: Created by Andrew Gallimore for MAC, this look is all about soft and sultry sex appeal: pure romanticism as seen in Glamour magazine.

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