Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Colour Blocking Without Fear

This is colour me beautiful season.

If the latest colour blocking trend makes you feel like running a mile, stop right there!! We have the easy, non-terrifying guide on how to do colour blocking in a way that shows you understand what it's all about without falling into the pitfalls of high fashion.

Think Style As Well As Colour

The first key element of colour blocking has nothing to do with colour but looks at styles and shapes.

Each garment, whether top, jacket, skirt or trousers, should be plain with no embellishment whatsoever. You are most likely to have some simple pieces like this already in your wardrobe: a red top, a navy blazer or even a pair of colourful shoes. Then you need to decide whether the garment in the colour you like suits you; can you carry off a floor length dress? Do pleats work on you? And so on...

Choosing The Right Colours For You

Here is a simple guide to who can wear what from subtler combinations to seriously bold blocking.

As long as you stick to colours within your palette you can play with opposites (say, red and blue) or make it more subtle by wearing one of your neutral colours (say stone, chocolate or charcoal) with another brighter colour from your palette. The ultimate colour blocking is of course white (your best white of course, say for a shirt) and black (say for the trousers/skirts), together with some bold coloured shoes and handbag this is an easy combination to put together. See below for ideas within your colour palette. (If you don't know which palette is best for you, now is the time to have that colour consultation you have promised yourself).
LIGHT colouring
Sensible colour blocking: light aqua with stone
Bold colour blocking: dusty rose with light periwinkle
Bolder colour blocking: violet with geranium

DEEP colouring
Sensible colour blocking: emerald green / dark navy
Bold colour blocking: scarlet / purple
Bolder colour blocking: lime / bittersweet

WARM colouring
Sensible colour blocking: lime / camel
Bold colour blocking: purple / bittersweet
Bolder colour blocking: amber / teal

COOL colouring
Sensible colour blocking: light periwinkle / purple
Bold colour blocking: hot pink / royal blue
Bolder colour blocking: duckegg / blue red

CLEAR colouring
Sensible colour blocking: true red / charcoal
Bold colour blocking: bright periwinkle / blush pink
Bolder colour blocking: apple green / true blue

SOFT colouring
Sensible colour blocking: verbena / cocoa
Bold colour blocking: claret / soft violet
Bolder colour blocking: sky blue / emerald turquoise

Bring colour into your look, not only with clothes but with shoes, handbags, nail colour (go for bright reds (within your palette, of course) or if you dare, go for the bright blues, greens and purples too).

A shirt dress becomes part of your colour blocking wardrobe when cinched with a contrasting belt and teamed with a brightly coloured handbag to finish off your look.

Make-up Finishes Your Colourful Look

If you are going for colour blocking with gusto, make sure your make-up stands up too. Your lips in particular should receive special attention. You should opt for the stronger shades in your palette to balance the look.

Enjoy putting all those colours together and, if in doubt, do visit your nearest local consultant who is ready to advise you not only on your best colours but also on the best styles and shapes of your clothes for you.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Seasonal Ideas from Colour Me Beautiful

Styles to choose this season

You can never go wrong with what we are calling 'chic sophistication', which translates into simple shapes and neutral colours. You can either dress these up (i.e. fabulous killer heels, jewels, the lot) or down (a waterfall cardigan might do the trick and some more comfortable wedge sandals). Though simplicity is what you are opting for, make sure that the fabric makes it special. Think of silk and taffetas for example.

Those of you who have already been to a
colour me beautiful style consultation will know the emphasis we put on the weight and structure of the fabric and how the curvier you are the more fluid the fabric should be; whilst if your body lines are straighter you can make those heavier stiffer fabrics your best friends.

Lace will come in many shades this season. The beauty of lace is that it allows you to show some skin without being too obvious! You will find lace that suits both an elegant occasion and lace for more casual occasions too.

Hats or fascinators? Fascinators are often easier and cheaper to manage - and no need to take them off when you hit the dance floor! As for hats, there are all sorts of rules to wearing them: black rims can throw a black shadow on your face so think about it; don't choose a hat with a rim that extends wider than your shoulders either, it will look too big.

For the do's and don'ts of wearing hats and your best styles go and visit a consultant who will be happy to help with a style consultation. If you are involved in organising a wedding, your first steps really should be to visit that same consultant.

Colours from this season

We have talked about neutral shades, but if it is colour you are after, there are plenty around. We've written lots of books in the past few years on colour (and style of course too), but to help you in the right direction this season here are some tips: there is an abundance of red (a bit too much if you are the mother of the bride or groom maybe); there is every single blue you can dream but the colour which is stealing the show is green, particularly a leafy green.

You could mix your blues and your greens in lovely fluid chiffons, a fabric trend this season.

You will have seen/heard that colour blocking is the thing, and this is perfect for the Dramatics who like to make an entrance or the Clears who need to wear colours in a contrasting way. Other style personalities and colourings will choose colours from their palette for best effect.

If in doubt about the colours you should wear then you will benefit hugely from a colour consultation. Millions of women (and men) have come to us in the past 25 years and found that discovering their best colours and how to wear them opened up a whole new wardrobe for them.

There are of course plenty of prints out there too - but that is for our next issue !

Enjoy your research and if you are in any doubt about what to wear when and how, I am here to help!.

“Handbags and briefcases”

Just thought I would give you an insight into why it can be worth considering my Corporate Image Services to give you as much credibility and confidence that you can muster! I have personally questioned why money seems unfairly biased towards promoting women in business and the following article has opened my eyes!

By: Carleen Kelemen, Director, Convergence Partnership Office
 Barriers to top-level promotion  “The BBC recently reported research for the Institute of Leadership and Management that showed nearly three-quarters of women say that they still face barriers to top-level promotion in the UK, with women supporting positive action to tackle this issue. Sheelagh Whittaker, non-executive director of Standard Life summed up this view nicely on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, “I am a big supporter of quotas. I believe that we will only have true equality when we have as many incompetent women in positions of power as incompetent men.”

Should women receive special treatment? “So should women receive special treatment when celebrating business achievement, receiving career advice or business support? Doesn't equal opportunity now mean that 'one size fits all'? Why should there be single gender groupings and special business support for women? The answer does not lie in the definition of a single gender but in the evidence which highlights an underperforming, sometimes disadvantaged, often undervalued group in our society and the potential contribution that they can make to our economy.

 “Does it matter? Well wiping out 52 percent of your potential talent in the population does not bode well in a competitive global society whichever way you look at it!

Under-represented in top business roles “12 per cent of directors on the FTSE 100 are women. Yet 52 per cent of the population are women and last year 57% of first class degrees were gained by women. A recent study projects that it will take 73 years before there are an equal number of women across the FTSE 100 boardrooms.

Extra barriers exist locally “In Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly extra barriers exist – peripherality, social isolation and a high proportion of low wage industries which, research shows, women are more likely to gravitate towards rather than higher paid professions such as engineering.

Convergence initiatives to support women  “Because of this initiatives have been set up including Empowering Smart Women, Outset Cornwall and Enterprising Women – which receive European Social Fund or European Regional Development Fund Convergence investment.

Equality of opportunity “I have long championed women aspiring to start up or in business and those who wish to progress into employment or in their chosen careers. It is not a biased cause because of common gender. It is about believing that any person, regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation or ethnicity is able to choose and work towards their personal goals and ambitions.

 "Vive la difference! The best talent is not predicated by gender (or origin, or sexual orientation or ethnicity) and should never be stifled by it!"
Carleen and I putting the worlds to right at a CommStat meeting....we were listening to Nigel Hudson's opinions as well!!!

Photo by Paul Richards

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Enterprising Women

I had a thoroughly enjoyable but exhausting day yesterday at the Cornish business womens 100th centenary celebration of "Enterprising Women". Truro College put on a fantastic event at the pavilion at the Royal Cornwall Showground and I met some wonderful "enterprising" ladies.

I discovered that there is a new vintage ladies wear shop "Shabby Tiger" due to be launched in Redruth and have been invited to "Fusion Wadebridges" fashion event on 31st March from 5.30pm 'til 8pm.

It was great to meet Leanne Grose again after many years and she publicly thanked me for my help in launching her "persona" and mission - her reputation now follows her worldwide!
See her website:

Tangerine lippy looks edible!

I love this look of pale skin with bright lipstick...especially good for the Spring colour types...light and warm and light and clear...I can show you how to use tangerine to create this fabulous effect!

January Jones - Steal Her Shade: The Best Bright Lipsticks Right Now - Spring Beauty Trends 2011 - Beauty - InStyle

InStyle mag will give you ideas for all the up to the minute looks and hot tips!

Friday, 4 March 2011

It's a Small World

Here's a few names that you may want to consider if you are slight and petite:
Agnes B, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, George at Asda, Jaeger, M&S, Next, Principles, Topshop and Wallis
Of course some of these you may only find on-line due to our limited ranges in the local shops, however, please don't hesitate to contact me for any styling consultation, wardrobe weeding, personal shoopin gcould all help you get the wardrobe of your desires!!

Flattering Shades for All Seasons

Here’s a reminder of those special colours which will work for you no matter what your colouring is!
These shades are flattering for virtually all hair,skin or eye combination - as well as being versatile enough tp wear throughout the year.

Red: Especially Geranium, a slightly pinky red works almost as a neutral in many cases, being versatile enough to wear with many other colours. It brings out the natural red or rosy tone to the cheeks and looks great with virtually any skin and hair colour. This shade looks great in summer, think strawberries and cream or a crisp red blouse makes a stunning choice for autumn while a snuggly red knits can warm up your winter wardrobe.

Plum: Another highly versatile shade, this rich hue from the purple family looks exceptional on nearly everyone! As a great alternative to black it can add richness to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe - perhaps worn with the red you already have! If you have brighter or lighter colouring this shade can look fabulous mixed with mango or warm pink tones. While this shade is more associated with autumn it can look fabulous mixed with the cooler pinks and blues with stunning effect, after all we eat berry ice-creams in summer, so why not look edible!

Teal: A flattering colour that is a must for every wardrobe! This beautiful blue-green mix can bring out the eyes of most women, and works a treat with almost any colour throughout the year! As great with red or black as it is mixed with violets and peaches!
Other universal tones are turquoise, warm pink, winter white, soft grey, charcoal, navy and periwinkle.

Cosmetics Update

After the changes to the Colour Me Beautiful range of cosmetics, I still have stock of certain discontinued items at special rates:

Eyeshadow: Toffee    £3
Lipsticks: Cerise, Tulip, Sorbet, Pecan, Tamarind £5
Bronzer: Rio £4
Eye Pencil: Olive, Soft Black £4
Blush Powder: Cognac £3

Please let me know if you require any of these limited stock items asap!
email me:

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Playing with Colour

An immediate way to see if colours work well or not is to simply play with colour! The best colours give lift and radiance, the wrong shades can look dull and unexciting! Here the warm undertones work well in highlighting warm hazel eyes!

Style Me Younger

Here’s some ideas to look great for age without the concern of looking like you are trying too hard!
Graze not grip! – Skim the body, don’t paint it on! Size it up for comfort and style!
Go funky! – Stuffy dressing adds years and it’s extra bad news if
those extra pounds keep reminding you! But, remember that stylish, well-cut classics in quality fabrics look good on any one of any age!

Don’t let your wardrobe get stuck in a time warp.
Keep abreast of current fashion trends without being a fashion victim.
Add up-to-the-minute touches with clever use of accessories.

Showing less skin is all means show your legs, cleavage and arms..but not all three at same time!

Colour Me Slimmer

Wear the right fabrics, styles, colours and accessories and you can look and feel slimmer in minutes!
Learn about the shape of different parts of your body and which clothes will flatter you!
Find out which colour combinations will make you appear slimmer
Understand scale and proportion for a balanced look
Get the foundations right with the best underwear for your shape
Discover how to use the magic of make-up!

Colour Me Slimmer book available online@ £12.99
Alternatively phone Clare to book your personal one-on-one session to discover how you can look and feel fabulous! 01872 277066

Favourite Style Books