Friday, 28 October 2011

Party with a Zing!

As the party season starts to get into its sewing, why don't you think about enjoying a fun way to learn how to get the best from your look and your wardrobe!

Open a bottle, tuck into some nibbles and relax whilst I go through the hints and tips on how to enjoy your clothes and enjoy your look! In a supportive environment, among friends, you can ask questions you've always wanted to know the answers for!

Either opt for a colour, style or make-up party... then let the fun begin!

It's a great way to enjoy a special birthday, retirement, leaving do or Hen Party!


This party was at Indaba Fish Restaurant, Truro!

Add some interest with ZEST!

A shot of vitamins is what we all need as we head for the depths of winter. The beauty of tangerine or orange is that it looks fabulous in summer with a tan and worn with brighter shades, but looks equally fabulous used as a dynamic contrast with black or darker shades!

The strength of this shade looks fabulous when combined with chunky fashion jewellery and shoe boots, but even if you are quite delicate you may want to add a splash in a pattern print blouse or scarf in a soft fabric like chiffon or silk!

If you colouring is very cool, then make sure you limit the amount of this colour you use, pink really is a better option!

If you really love orange, then you will enjoy wearing Colour Me Beautiful's "Tangerine" lipstick which works perfectly with "Cantaloupe" pencil really is a fabulous combination and you really don't have to young to get away with it!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Get the Boot on!

I wanted to share my delight at finding the most amazing boots at Primark! I really couldn't decide as there were biker boots, over the knee versions, flat suede, turquoise suede, wedges, low heels, high heels...I think I could easily have walked away with at least five pairs!

In the end I plumped for a delightful pair of plum ankle boots with a fabulously chunky heel and some really comfortable but fashionable suede effect flatties! Even better, I have just been out in a torrential downpour and they kept me perfectly dry!

Then I think next on my shopping list are these delightful heels from Duo Boots! This is a company that caters for all shapes and sizes, definitely worth the look!
And finally a vote for our fabulous local company who provide the best in luxurious comfort!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Colours For All Event, Tuesday 13th September 7pm, Truro Town Hall

Join me for an informative and eye-opening event
in aid of 
Cornwall Disabled and Cornwall Blind Associations 

Discover: The Joy of Colour, 
How to understand how colour can help you Look and Feel Great 
The Healing Therapy of Colour with Janet Hunt.

Also discover how colour impacts on all our lives with a special input from Catriona who will share how a partially sighted person “sees”

Tickets  £7.50
Canapes and Wine

Tickets phone 01872 273518 or 01872 266079

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bedazzle at a Black Tie Event

What happens when that exciting invitation arrives to a glamorous Black Tie you greet it with delight as you imagine yourself slipping into that gorgeous dress and dazzling everyone with your natural sparkle...or do you file it in your pile of paperwork and sigh that you have yet another pressure to deal with?

Well no lady should miss the opportunity of enjoying her feminity and having the chance to play dress up!
As with any choices in dressing well, it is mainly to do with selecting flattering styles for your body shape and personality with an understanding of how fabric, colour and accessories will create the vital finishing touches!
So with either a relaxed sashey or elegant swish, here are some ideas on how to bedazzle!

Draw eyes upward with dramatic or light colors on the top of the gown, and dark shades on the bottom of the dress and add sparkle and bling where you want people to look! Scoop, boatneck or off the shoulder evening dresses work for sassy ladies with curvy girls hips and bottom whilst a boyish figure maximises her feminity by choosing necklines that have a sexy dip–like a deep V, U or a sweetheart neckline and probably bares a bit more back when given the opportunity!

A slim lady can freely add weighty features like sequins, boucle and heavy beading as these elements add dimension and shaping to your slight figure.

The colour is key! Of course you need to select shade that complement your skin tone, flatter your hair colour and bring out your eyes. If you can’t avoid black then add focus by choosing eye-catching accessories to draw the focus to your face, but best of all, this is your chance to choose to go with one of your fabulous hues! Fit too, is paramount. Too big a dress, or equally too tight, can actually make you look bigger or at least more “bumpy”! Off the rail gowns may benefit from an expert refit to enable you to enjoy wearing it again and again! Now think about the fabric! The best choices for evening wear include chiffon, velvet, satin, silk and viscose “jersey” effects. Remember that stiff fabrics like satin add bulk to the body; whilst silks and jerseys skim a woman’s silhouette with ease.

Decide what your best assets are and use this ideal opportunity to accentuate these! An evening dress should feature your best curves and body parts, while hiding your flaws beautifully. Where do you want those disguising ruches...or do you need them? If your legs are you best asset then maybe don’t quite go full length choosing the Ballerina versions and if you have a fantastic neck then now’s the time to wear your hair up and spritz on a cheeky splash of your favourite perfume into your nape!

Evening dresses should make a statement but still reflect you! Not only should they suit your body shape perfectly but your personality and fashion sense should also be part of the effect.
Complement your evening gown with fabulous accessories, makeup and shoes but create a balance. A well known style tip is to put it all on, then take one piece off, unless, of course you absolutely adore being an over the top diva! 

The length of gown has become one of the biggest dilemmas as the rules have been blurred! While the man knows that black tie, means at least attempt that look, women often worry about going over the top or not quite matching up! My advice is that it is hard to get it wrong if you choose colour, styles and fabrics that are flattering. Full length has become more fashionable again, but it is still appropriate to show your ankle in the Ballerina versions and if dresses are not happily “your thing” then a cocktail dress will still do the trick!
Now’s your chance to wear your cape, lacy extras and bits of bling and go out and do your bedazzling thing!

Here are two beautiful dresses available through Cargo Clothing based in Truro

Or try:
Pams Gowns

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Shabby Tiger Vintage

You've got to visit this Vintage boho and retro clothing boutique and dress agency in central Cornwall. A treasure trove of vintage fashion, inc vintage menswear, vintage hats and vintage bags,vintage accessories, footwear, and vintage baby and children's clothes. It's recycling at its very best! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Miss Captain at "Indaba Fish Restaurant", June 13th 2011, 7.30pm

Looking forward to a fashion event with Vanessa Sheppard showing some fabulous easy wear clothes from the "Miss Captain" range.

Please take a look at her website to view just a small part of the collection which is available to view online...these will come alive on the evening!
We will be jointly hosting this event giving you some ideas on how to look and feel great without breaking the bank!

Tickets for £10 to include refreshments are bookable from Vanessa via

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Arriva...the new cosmetic shades from Colour Me Beautiful....!

What a lovely little package arrived in the post today...enclosed, some yummy new shades of eyeshadow ready for Summer!

Golden Honey - a great replacement for toffee so you girls can be happy again!
Purple - a rich and strong shade, I’m thinking ideal for deeps, cools and clears..I’ll have to have a play!
Eau de Nil - simply gorgeous, it’s a clear aqua but not overbright...this could be a great all-rounder but especially perfect for you blue-eyed girls and... literally is, it looks edible and I know us green eyed girls will love it, but again this will mix across the palettes!

Order from:
or email:

Phone me if you want to pop in and see... or look out for my Open Days...
Invitation coming soon  ...!

Morgans Well Being and Fitness Centre, Greenbottom, Truro...
You are most Welcome!

Enjoy looking Sunkissed...safely!

Safe Sun!
Many people like to spend time in the sun but we all know it can cause harm, even skin cancer. Not only that it causes sunburn, wrinkles and skin ageing and can even damage the body’s immune system. This skin damage builds over a lifetime so you won’t necessarily see immediate effect.
The sun gives out two rays: UVA and UVB and you need to protect from both of them, however, it is essential for your health that you enjoy the benefits of enjoying sun safely using protection and sunglasses.
Create the glow!You can recreate the gorgeous golden glow of sun kissed skin by using Protocol’s "Golden Glow" which delivers an ultra fine mist to the face and body giving and instant colour with an even natural look which lasts between 5-7 days!
With any applied tan you are always advised to prepare the skin - get maximum effect by using Protocol’s "Body Exfoliant" and if you want to continue with the tanned look you can always top up with their "Tan Extender".If you are not sure whether to commit to the tanned look you can try building up the colour gradually using their "tinted moisturiser" which subtly builds the sun-kissed look whilst moisturising and conditioning your skin at the same time!

These really are lovely products but if you are committed to the sun - stay away in the middle of the day, drink loads of water and cover your face.
Note that the government recently required the lower age limit of sunbed users to increase to 18 years! In the USA their FDA and National Cancer Institute recommend avoid using tanning beds altogether stating that women who use them more than once a month are 55% more likely to develop melanoma!

Why not try a sample travel kit?
80ml body exfoliant, 80ml tinted moisturiser, 80ml tan extender and 80ml tanning lotion + application mitt.

Take a peek at their fabulous range of natural skincare and collagen products!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Colour Blocking Without Fear

This is colour me beautiful season.

If the latest colour blocking trend makes you feel like running a mile, stop right there!! We have the easy, non-terrifying guide on how to do colour blocking in a way that shows you understand what it's all about without falling into the pitfalls of high fashion.

Think Style As Well As Colour

The first key element of colour blocking has nothing to do with colour but looks at styles and shapes.

Each garment, whether top, jacket, skirt or trousers, should be plain with no embellishment whatsoever. You are most likely to have some simple pieces like this already in your wardrobe: a red top, a navy blazer or even a pair of colourful shoes. Then you need to decide whether the garment in the colour you like suits you; can you carry off a floor length dress? Do pleats work on you? And so on...

Choosing The Right Colours For You

Here is a simple guide to who can wear what from subtler combinations to seriously bold blocking.

As long as you stick to colours within your palette you can play with opposites (say, red and blue) or make it more subtle by wearing one of your neutral colours (say stone, chocolate or charcoal) with another brighter colour from your palette. The ultimate colour blocking is of course white (your best white of course, say for a shirt) and black (say for the trousers/skirts), together with some bold coloured shoes and handbag this is an easy combination to put together. See below for ideas within your colour palette. (If you don't know which palette is best for you, now is the time to have that colour consultation you have promised yourself).
LIGHT colouring
Sensible colour blocking: light aqua with stone
Bold colour blocking: dusty rose with light periwinkle
Bolder colour blocking: violet with geranium

DEEP colouring
Sensible colour blocking: emerald green / dark navy
Bold colour blocking: scarlet / purple
Bolder colour blocking: lime / bittersweet

WARM colouring
Sensible colour blocking: lime / camel
Bold colour blocking: purple / bittersweet
Bolder colour blocking: amber / teal

COOL colouring
Sensible colour blocking: light periwinkle / purple
Bold colour blocking: hot pink / royal blue
Bolder colour blocking: duckegg / blue red

CLEAR colouring
Sensible colour blocking: true red / charcoal
Bold colour blocking: bright periwinkle / blush pink
Bolder colour blocking: apple green / true blue

SOFT colouring
Sensible colour blocking: verbena / cocoa
Bold colour blocking: claret / soft violet
Bolder colour blocking: sky blue / emerald turquoise

Bring colour into your look, not only with clothes but with shoes, handbags, nail colour (go for bright reds (within your palette, of course) or if you dare, go for the bright blues, greens and purples too).

A shirt dress becomes part of your colour blocking wardrobe when cinched with a contrasting belt and teamed with a brightly coloured handbag to finish off your look.

Make-up Finishes Your Colourful Look

If you are going for colour blocking with gusto, make sure your make-up stands up too. Your lips in particular should receive special attention. You should opt for the stronger shades in your palette to balance the look.

Enjoy putting all those colours together and, if in doubt, do visit your nearest local consultant who is ready to advise you not only on your best colours but also on the best styles and shapes of your clothes for you.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Seasonal Ideas from Colour Me Beautiful

Styles to choose this season

You can never go wrong with what we are calling 'chic sophistication', which translates into simple shapes and neutral colours. You can either dress these up (i.e. fabulous killer heels, jewels, the lot) or down (a waterfall cardigan might do the trick and some more comfortable wedge sandals). Though simplicity is what you are opting for, make sure that the fabric makes it special. Think of silk and taffetas for example.

Those of you who have already been to a
colour me beautiful style consultation will know the emphasis we put on the weight and structure of the fabric and how the curvier you are the more fluid the fabric should be; whilst if your body lines are straighter you can make those heavier stiffer fabrics your best friends.

Lace will come in many shades this season. The beauty of lace is that it allows you to show some skin without being too obvious! You will find lace that suits both an elegant occasion and lace for more casual occasions too.

Hats or fascinators? Fascinators are often easier and cheaper to manage - and no need to take them off when you hit the dance floor! As for hats, there are all sorts of rules to wearing them: black rims can throw a black shadow on your face so think about it; don't choose a hat with a rim that extends wider than your shoulders either, it will look too big.

For the do's and don'ts of wearing hats and your best styles go and visit a consultant who will be happy to help with a style consultation. If you are involved in organising a wedding, your first steps really should be to visit that same consultant.

Colours from this season

We have talked about neutral shades, but if it is colour you are after, there are plenty around. We've written lots of books in the past few years on colour (and style of course too), but to help you in the right direction this season here are some tips: there is an abundance of red (a bit too much if you are the mother of the bride or groom maybe); there is every single blue you can dream but the colour which is stealing the show is green, particularly a leafy green.

You could mix your blues and your greens in lovely fluid chiffons, a fabric trend this season.

You will have seen/heard that colour blocking is the thing, and this is perfect for the Dramatics who like to make an entrance or the Clears who need to wear colours in a contrasting way. Other style personalities and colourings will choose colours from their palette for best effect.

If in doubt about the colours you should wear then you will benefit hugely from a colour consultation. Millions of women (and men) have come to us in the past 25 years and found that discovering their best colours and how to wear them opened up a whole new wardrobe for them.

There are of course plenty of prints out there too - but that is for our next issue !

Enjoy your research and if you are in any doubt about what to wear when and how, I am here to help!.

Favourite Style Books