Thursday, 4 April 2013

Get the "F" Factor

In the many years that I have been an Image Consultant, I have enjoyed the privilege of browsing through many women's wardbrobes. As well as discovering what the thought process has been behind some fabulous purchases and some overwhelming disasters, there has been some consistency.

As an abiding rule, despite many attempts to revolt and express “ourselves” we have been inspired or held back by our mothers and close friends/partners and, secondly, no matter what our budget, we simply love to bag a bargain!

My “bargain-hunters” are just as likely to enjoy a hefty bank balance as they are to be restricted to a stringent allowance. The beauty is that looking great need never depend on how much you paid. How often have you received compliments in an outfit that you bought for peanuts in the sales or on ebay and felt smug that it didn’t even cost a fortune. Charity shop finds have become the latest in true fashionista shopping and refashioning items is an upcoming trend.

The joy of shopping successfully is all down to knowing how to wear clothes that suit you and suit their purpose. Whilst I appreciate that well tailored clothes in sumptuous fabrics with design and detail will dazzle and and delight, the “D” factor can easily be diminished by the powerful “F” factor.

The Frugal Fashionista is finding her place by securing fabulous pieces that still fit, flatter, feel great, function and add fun. So remember ladies, it is not about what you spend, it is about what you buy! A bargain is only ever a bargain if you would have loved it at full price and every purchase must have a place in your heart before it is worthy of a place in your wardrobe, whether it cost five hundred or a fiver!

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Photo taken at a recent event at Phase Eight, Truro.

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