Friday, 27 July 2012

Celebrate Your Curves as a Figure Magician

Dear Clare: What happens when my body has adapted well to surviving an Arctic storm but I haven’t seen a snowflake in years?

Dear Jeans R. Bustin: Well, there are two options here.. One is to move...! Or simply to hold the and keep them guessing where you have hidden all that exciting flesh! Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising are essential, but let me share these useful tips on how you can be: Your own “Figure Magician”!

Black is always back! Providing the fabric isn’t too shiny, black absorbs light and, as long as the garment fits well, it’s an instant way to look a couple of pounds lighter - but, of course, always mix with your most flattering colours!

Monochromatic makeovers Top-to-toe dark neutrals are visually lengthening and slimming. Keep the eye up - down as opposed to across. Don’t wear too many high contrast colour combinations as your figure cuts up into more obvious pieces, thereby eliminating that illusion of slenderness.

Skim the Skin Skim the body, not painted on the body! If you can't bend over without hearing that scary strain on the fabric ( I know you’ve heard it! ) your trousers are too ... Petite!, just buy the next size and cut off the label!

Be fair and don’t share... that extra pound of flesh! Belly baring is in, but if you look more cuddly than beanpole then keep it all under wraps .... Why spoil the surprise!.

However...Do not try to hide your body under big, shapeless clothing! Masses of fabric doesn’t hide your body or size, it just hides your shape and can be very frumpy, even ageing! Instead, wear clothes that define the best parts of your body. Defining your waist with a belt, for example, can accentuate your curves

Lycra It takes more than your loved one to hold you tight, unless he’s called Lycra! As long as you can move and “it” doesn’t, then you are sorted! We all need a bit of support now and again and who says it can’t be from lycra!

Go trendier Stuffy styling adds years! Lighten up your image by dressing young at heart and you’ll feel lighter all over!

Sew simple! Keep styling simple, yet trendy, and leave the frills out. Fussier means fuller, fuller means fa.....! A few distractions is all you need!

It’s all in the balance! - If you find yourself looking bottom heavy, wear tops with broader shoulders or horizontal stripes to appear more visually symmetric! Sometimes shoulder pads can be a real bonus in creating balance if you have larger hips.

Reveal your beauty! Beauty is revealed, never applied! Pay attention to your face and leave the rest to its own fortune! You'll divert attention away from the cuddly bits!

Perfect Foundation! Supportive underwear is vital and can significantly affect your overall look. It is extremely important to have on a great-fitting bra and beautiful briefs. Feel good, look good!

Accessorise make the most of the fashion fab accessories - focus on your features, disguise the rest!

Don’t go flat out with an added inch to your heels you lift your bum to more flattering heights!

Love yourself! Find something you enjoy about yourself and flaunt it! Be proud of who you are and respect yourself! Anything goes - luscious legs, radiant skin, nicely trussed boobs, knock ‘em dead!
Here's a great dress that will hug your body but keep the curves neatly in place! Then you simply add your favourite accessories for the appropriate occasion!
Or you can try the the softer look and help to disguise the bits you don't want others looking at!
Try something like this which diffuses any lumps and bumps by creating distractions!

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