Monday, 17 February 2014

Getting to Know YOU!

Getting to know you is all about understanding what it is that you have which is unique. We all follow certain patterns, but, at the end of the day we come together in our own way, so don't try to emulate...create!

Understanding Colour
Colour works like magic and gives you an instant boost, which can make you look younger and certainly makes you feel more vibrant - so that's your first step! Love yourself by choosing only those shades which love you back, it's a perfect relationship! Those nearest your face are most important as they quickly reflect on you, so that's your focus!

Love your Body! 
Caress those lines and curves with styles that match and embrace you. Too many women are scared of every lump and bump and end up hiding all their assets. You can critique yourself without being critical! Do you love it, do you wear it, do you get compliments in it? Do you feel comfortable or twitchy? Or, have you simply forgotten what it feels like to feel great!

Don't waste your time by not feeling fabulous... every day is worthwhile, not just those special occasions! Even your doggie walking gear and gardening stuff can be flattering...your old clothes should still be ones which you once worn as "best"!

You do not need to spend loads of money. Charity shops are a worthy source of unloved items which could just fill that gap perfectly! If you have some treasured clothes that you think are really very old now, just re-label them as "vintage" and wear with pride! It is not all about new or is about you and feeling good. Anything that you didn't like when you bought it...why?? Well, those should certainly head to the nearest source for recycling.

So, while the weather is dreary and unrelenting, take some time in and go through your wardrobe. Sort into your three piles - love it, doubtful and what was I thinking. The "love its" can be fixed up and placed reverently back into your wardrobe, either in colour order or garment order, I can never work out which I prefer! The "doubt its" may be simply that someone else has given you bad feedback, but you love it. Really think about what merits it has for YOU! If in doubt, leave it out. The bad mistakes are only filling your wardrobe and creating negative karma. But, before you relinquish them, take a fresh look at why they got there in the first place.

Was it a cast-off? These can be great, but not if you are just lending wardrobe space to someone else's mistakes! Were you shopping with the wrong friend? Perhaps she loved it because it would have suited her. Did you have that niggle of doubt before you even paid for it? Did you buy it in the sale thinking it was a bargain? Next time you may be better to buy something at full price which is of true value.

Work on all the bits you love and play down the others. Dressing well is all a game of balance, disguise and adding the touch of magic.

Dabble with fashion but be its mistress, play with it, tease it but don't be led too far astray! You may have been a Quant girl of the '60's, a Laura Ashley fan of the '70's, a Dallas fan of the '80's...perhaps you can still play with an element of that look which suited you then?

You don't need to choose one look, your lifestyle and personality can stretch across many trends, you simply need to be comfortable about expressing what you feel.

Style is...what is style? There is no answer! That is the beauty, the challenge and the fun, but you will know it when you find it!

Enjoy the magic!

Vivien Westwood knows all about style, colour and confidence!!

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