Thursday, 10 March 2011

Seasonal Ideas from Colour Me Beautiful

Styles to choose this season

You can never go wrong with what we are calling 'chic sophistication', which translates into simple shapes and neutral colours. You can either dress these up (i.e. fabulous killer heels, jewels, the lot) or down (a waterfall cardigan might do the trick and some more comfortable wedge sandals). Though simplicity is what you are opting for, make sure that the fabric makes it special. Think of silk and taffetas for example.

Those of you who have already been to a
colour me beautiful style consultation will know the emphasis we put on the weight and structure of the fabric and how the curvier you are the more fluid the fabric should be; whilst if your body lines are straighter you can make those heavier stiffer fabrics your best friends.

Lace will come in many shades this season. The beauty of lace is that it allows you to show some skin without being too obvious! You will find lace that suits both an elegant occasion and lace for more casual occasions too.

Hats or fascinators? Fascinators are often easier and cheaper to manage - and no need to take them off when you hit the dance floor! As for hats, there are all sorts of rules to wearing them: black rims can throw a black shadow on your face so think about it; don't choose a hat with a rim that extends wider than your shoulders either, it will look too big.

For the do's and don'ts of wearing hats and your best styles go and visit a consultant who will be happy to help with a style consultation. If you are involved in organising a wedding, your first steps really should be to visit that same consultant.

Colours from this season

We have talked about neutral shades, but if it is colour you are after, there are plenty around. We've written lots of books in the past few years on colour (and style of course too), but to help you in the right direction this season here are some tips: there is an abundance of red (a bit too much if you are the mother of the bride or groom maybe); there is every single blue you can dream but the colour which is stealing the show is green, particularly a leafy green.

You could mix your blues and your greens in lovely fluid chiffons, a fabric trend this season.

You will have seen/heard that colour blocking is the thing, and this is perfect for the Dramatics who like to make an entrance or the Clears who need to wear colours in a contrasting way. Other style personalities and colourings will choose colours from their palette for best effect.

If in doubt about the colours you should wear then you will benefit hugely from a colour consultation. Millions of women (and men) have come to us in the past 25 years and found that discovering their best colours and how to wear them opened up a whole new wardrobe for them.

There are of course plenty of prints out there too - but that is for our next issue !

Enjoy your research and if you are in any doubt about what to wear when and how, I am here to help!.

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