Friday, 4 March 2011

Flattering Shades for All Seasons

Here’s a reminder of those special colours which will work for you no matter what your colouring is!
These shades are flattering for virtually all hair,skin or eye combination - as well as being versatile enough tp wear throughout the year.

Red: Especially Geranium, a slightly pinky red works almost as a neutral in many cases, being versatile enough to wear with many other colours. It brings out the natural red or rosy tone to the cheeks and looks great with virtually any skin and hair colour. This shade looks great in summer, think strawberries and cream or a crisp red blouse makes a stunning choice for autumn while a snuggly red knits can warm up your winter wardrobe.

Plum: Another highly versatile shade, this rich hue from the purple family looks exceptional on nearly everyone! As a great alternative to black it can add richness to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe - perhaps worn with the red you already have! If you have brighter or lighter colouring this shade can look fabulous mixed with mango or warm pink tones. While this shade is more associated with autumn it can look fabulous mixed with the cooler pinks and blues with stunning effect, after all we eat berry ice-creams in summer, so why not look edible!

Teal: A flattering colour that is a must for every wardrobe! This beautiful blue-green mix can bring out the eyes of most women, and works a treat with almost any colour throughout the year! As great with red or black as it is mixed with violets and peaches!
Other universal tones are turquoise, warm pink, winter white, soft grey, charcoal, navy and periwinkle.

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