Friday, 26 July 2013

Keeping Your Cool

Keeping your ‘cool’ at work can be a challenge during these hot and muggy spells, but you still need to be aware of the impression you create. While the South West is blessed with the opportunity to dress down a bit, be careful not to look like everyday is POETS* day!

So check out this list of potential no no’s!

Don’t forget that too much flesh on show is never appropriate in the business world, medical or teaching professions. Forget what you have been told, a cover-up job is now essential! It’s a sheer waste but you now need to layer up those lightweight fabrics! Strapless is a definite no-no and, generally, a short sleeve rather than no sleeve will ensure propriety.

Legs should be kept under wraps, so slightly above the knee is as far as any skirt should be allowed to creep and the flabbier or more abundant the flesh is, the more it needs to be harnessed! While young flesh is more sightly, it can still be quite distracting! Getting cheeky with clients or colleagues will not be tolerated. While underwear these days is both attractive and practical, the name defines where and how it should be worn. Any flesh that decides it has it’s own get out clause, should be firmly dealt with, extra fabric, fastenings and layers called in as reinforcements.

Flip flops tend to be a call to your bodyboard rather than the boardroom and too obvious a fake tan could look like you are faking it until you make it and spending your time downing the shots rather than calling the shots.

Jangly jewellery will ensure that fellow workers lose their cool so keep it simple and eyecatching not noisy. And finally, hosiery! The given rule is to wear at all times, but I take a more lenient approach! As long as your legs have a bit of colour and it is not immediately obvious that they are bare, then you may just get away without!

Enjoy the sun while it shines!

*Poets - piss off early tomorrow’s Saturday!

The perfect sunless addition to your cosmetic list

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