Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bedazzle at a Black Tie Event

What happens when that exciting invitation arrives to a glamorous Black Tie you greet it with delight as you imagine yourself slipping into that gorgeous dress and dazzling everyone with your natural sparkle...or do you file it in your pile of paperwork and sigh that you have yet another pressure to deal with?

Well no lady should miss the opportunity of enjoying her feminity and having the chance to play dress up!
As with any choices in dressing well, it is mainly to do with selecting flattering styles for your body shape and personality with an understanding of how fabric, colour and accessories will create the vital finishing touches!
So with either a relaxed sashey or elegant swish, here are some ideas on how to bedazzle!

Draw eyes upward with dramatic or light colors on the top of the gown, and dark shades on the bottom of the dress and add sparkle and bling where you want people to look! Scoop, boatneck or off the shoulder evening dresses work for sassy ladies with curvy girls hips and bottom whilst a boyish figure maximises her feminity by choosing necklines that have a sexy dip–like a deep V, U or a sweetheart neckline and probably bares a bit more back when given the opportunity!

A slim lady can freely add weighty features like sequins, boucle and heavy beading as these elements add dimension and shaping to your slight figure.

The colour is key! Of course you need to select shade that complement your skin tone, flatter your hair colour and bring out your eyes. If you can’t avoid black then add focus by choosing eye-catching accessories to draw the focus to your face, but best of all, this is your chance to choose to go with one of your fabulous hues! Fit too, is paramount. Too big a dress, or equally too tight, can actually make you look bigger or at least more “bumpy”! Off the rail gowns may benefit from an expert refit to enable you to enjoy wearing it again and again! Now think about the fabric! The best choices for evening wear include chiffon, velvet, satin, silk and viscose “jersey” effects. Remember that stiff fabrics like satin add bulk to the body; whilst silks and jerseys skim a woman’s silhouette with ease.

Decide what your best assets are and use this ideal opportunity to accentuate these! An evening dress should feature your best curves and body parts, while hiding your flaws beautifully. Where do you want those disguising ruches...or do you need them? If your legs are you best asset then maybe don’t quite go full length choosing the Ballerina versions and if you have a fantastic neck then now’s the time to wear your hair up and spritz on a cheeky splash of your favourite perfume into your nape!

Evening dresses should make a statement but still reflect you! Not only should they suit your body shape perfectly but your personality and fashion sense should also be part of the effect.
Complement your evening gown with fabulous accessories, makeup and shoes but create a balance. A well known style tip is to put it all on, then take one piece off, unless, of course you absolutely adore being an over the top diva! 

The length of gown has become one of the biggest dilemmas as the rules have been blurred! While the man knows that black tie, means at least attempt that look, women often worry about going over the top or not quite matching up! My advice is that it is hard to get it wrong if you choose colour, styles and fabrics that are flattering. Full length has become more fashionable again, but it is still appropriate to show your ankle in the Ballerina versions and if dresses are not happily “your thing” then a cocktail dress will still do the trick!
Now’s your chance to wear your cape, lacy extras and bits of bling and go out and do your bedazzling thing!

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